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The most VALUABLE game BIZZ Edition

The most VALUABLE game BIZZ Edition

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  • Unlock the next value level!
  • Find your team’s superpowers
  • 3 game modes for your team, your relationships, yourself

With the Business Edition of our most VALUABLE game in the world, you can now discover even more values, find your business superpowers and earn your team values!

  • 100 values ​​plus two blank cards for optimal, precise value determination
  • Game mode "Relationship" > Find the values ​​that connect you and another person for harmonious and successful communication with each other
  • “Team” game mode > Determine your team values ​​based on your personal values ​​for more successful and sustainable collaboration
  • Each value card is provided with unique comic visualizations and underlines the professional standards of this game

No more boring values ​​workshops and personality tests!

With the BIZZ Edition , which we created in collaboration with the BIZZheroes , you can discover the values ​​that really define you, your team and your company in a more playful, entertaining and at the same time deep and sustainable way . This has a few very concrete advantages:

  1. Collaboration and communication within the team is strengthened in a playful way
  2. The values ​​are developed together and do not come from an expensive, incomprehensible management retreat. A democracy of values ​​is created.
  3. The understanding of the diversity of values ​​of individual colleagues is sharpened.

This is how you play for yourself

Step 1: Find your inner values ​​- Shuffle the deck, select 26 value cards, divide them into important and remaining values.

Step 2+3: Determine your values ​​more precisely - compare cards in pairs, add a joker value, repeat the process.

Step 4: Value Compass - Build your compass from the remaining 8 values, answer questions about the value of life, superpowers and basic values.

Step 5: Values ​​Map - Write your values ​​on the map and use it as a compass for life challenges!

  • Discover your values ​​compass to overcome challenges.
  • Identify the current challenge and find appropriate supporting values.
  • Choose the first step to solve the challenge.Improve relationships with the values ​​compass.
  • Define important values ​​in dealing with others.
  • Be aware of conflicting values ​​and show respect.
  • Master professional challenges with the values ​​compass.
  • Check your values ​​in your studies or career.
  • Make sure your values ​​fit the job and the company.

This is how you play with two people


Shuffle the deck and look at each card individually. Decide whether the revealed value is important to both of you. If so, place the card in the middle of the team pile.

If the value is only important to one of you, the player(s) may place the card in front of them on their own value pile.

If the value is rather unimportant for both, place the card on the discard pile.


Focus on the team stack in the middle. Decide overall
4 team values. Discuss which values ​​you find more important than others as a basis for your collaboration in the team/in your relationship:

• Which values ​​promote our communication?
• Which values ​​help in conflict situations?
• Which values ​​create trust?
• Which values ​​enable us to best achieve our goals?

If you cannot agree on individual values, each player is allowed to choose an additional value from the
Determine the team stack as the joker and him
place next to the 4 team values.


Now look at your own value stack individually. Decide on a total of 2 values ​​which are most important to you compared to the others.

Present your results to each other and explain why you chose these 2 values. Ask each other to respect and consider your individual values.

Be considerate and understanding. This is the only way to promote a values-conscious community.


Then spread out your 4 (+2) team values ​​and your personal values ​​in front of you to form your common value system.

This value system forms the basis for your shared and considerate cooperation.

This deepens your connection with each other and strengthens your collaboration.

At the same time, you gain orientation for decisions and a guide for conflicts and challenges.

Afterwards, discuss your shared value system.

What do you notice?

• Which values ​​come easy to you?
• Which values ​​are constantly being put to the test?
• What values ​​emerge in different challenges?
• What values ​​form the basis for your life?
• Which values ​​influence your everyday professional life?

This is how you play as a team


Write down 3-5 of your personal values ​​that are particularly important to you in a professional context. Use the following help:
• What is particularly important to me?
• What principles do I base my actions on?
• What values ​​do I derive from my work?
• Which values ​​help me to overcome challenges and conflicts?


The moderator collects all the values ​​individually and determines their frequency. The results are then presented. In the community, try to divide the individual values ​​into value groups. Which values ​​are similar? Which values ​​fit together? Which values ​​are in conflict with each other?

Then agree on a total of 3-4 top values ​​for your team and form a set of values ​​from them. BASED ON YOUR VALUES:

• Discuss principles and principles that should play a role in cooperation and interaction with one another in the future.
• Define rules on how you want to reorient your culture, orientation and working methods in a value-conscious manner.
• Get to know each other and talk about your own thoughts and experiences regarding the values ​​mentioned.

Tip: If you are missing individual values ​​in the general canon, share your thoughts with the team. This is the only way others can respect these values ​​and take them into account when interacting with you.


Develop an inspiring guiding principle based on your top values. This guiding principle should reflect your canon of values ​​and address, strengthen and drive you all in your collaboration. Write down this principle and say it out loud together.

Values: change, respect, passion
»We are changemakers. We shape the future with respect and passion.«
Values: responsibility, safety, sustainability
»Responsible together, safe
and sustainable - for our team, our company and our world.«
Values; Freedom, creativity, success
»Freedom inspires creativity, creativity leads to success.«

How long does delivery take?

Orders from EUR 29.80 (2 standard games) are free of charge! Otherwise, shipping costs will be EUR 1.90.

We send up to 5 games as standard as BÜWA (bookware shipment).

We ship larger orders individually via DHL.

Shipping usually takes 3 to 6 business days.

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It's that easy!


    People for whom these values ​​are particularly important are more likely to pay attention to clear procedures and rules in order to create security.


    These values ​​create community and build and maintain relationships.


    These values ​​put a focus on the individual and lead us to ourselves. It's a lot about independence.


    Constant change is necessary for us to evolve, even if this can lead to conflict.

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Customer Reviews

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André Günther
So einfach wie genial

Ich habe bereits mehrerer Artilkel gekauft und bin wienimmer sehr zufrieden mit dem Spiel. Es ist verständlich, lässt sich schnell anwenden und bietet einen sehr guten Einstieg in ein Coaching. Qualität und Visualisierung sind auch top.
Sehr empfehlenswert!

It's that easy!

Your values ​​as a poster!