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Only for professionals! The Valueneers Pack

Only for professionals! The Valueneers Pack

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Why the Valueneers Pack is a must for every coach – Discover the unique benefits for your work:

Attractiveness for new customers – The innovative concept of the Valueneers Pack appeals to potential clients who are looking for creative and effective approaches to personal development. The playful approach allows you to particularly reach those who find traditional coaching methods too rigid or monotonous.

Increase customer satisfaction and retention – Clients value tailored, interactive experiences. The Valueneers Pack not only promotes knowledge and personal development, but also increases the satisfaction and loyalty of your clients through its innovative and engaging nature.

Expanding your offering – By integrating the Valueneers Pack into your coaching sessions, you can offer additional services, such as value discovery workshops and seminars. This opens up new income streams and expands your range of services.

Increase the impact of your coaching with the Valueneers BPack – your professional toolkit for values-based development

As a coach, trainer or consultant, you are constantly looking for effective methods to promote self-reflection and growth in your clients. The Valueneers Pack offers you a unique set of tools that not only simplifies the discovery and integration of personal values ​​into everyday life, but also deepens it - in a playful and interactive way:

  1. Promotes Deep Self-Reflection and Personal Growth - The Valueneers Pack contains specially developed games and tools that initiate deep conversations in an interactive way. These encourage your clients to engage in intensive self-reflection and initiate transformative processes of personal growth.
  2. Strengthens team dynamics and interpersonal relationships – Using the business version and the question game from the Valueneers Pack improves communication and collaboration in teams. It helps develop a shared understanding and respect for team members' individual values, which forms the basis for strong and effective team dynamics.
  3. Offers flexibility and versatility in use - whether in personal coaching, workshops or team building events, the Valueneers Pack is designed to be used in a wide variety of settings. This flexibility allows you to respond individually to the needs of your clients and adapt your methods to their specific situations.

This is all in the Valueneers Pack:

  • 10x The Basic Game – This game is your introduction to the world of values. It allows you and your clients to discover and reflect on personal values ​​in a playful way. Ideal for individual sessions, couple coaching or team workshops.
  • The Business Version – Developed specifically for use in companies, this version helps you identify superpowers and team values. Improve team dynamics and promote a culture of appreciation and understanding.
  • The question game – deepen self-reflection and mutual understanding. This set of 50 questions is a powerful tool for looking beyond the surface and exploring hidden feelings and values.
  • The digital test – perfect for quick entry or online advice. This immediately available test enables efficient and interactive value discovery without having to wait for physical products.
  • 20 additional value cards - an indispensable tool for every coach and trainer. These cards help to visualize and anchor the values ​​you have developed, which significantly increases the sustainability of your sessions.
  • The English version of the values ​​game – Offer your international clients the same deep and transformative experience. This expands your reach and makes your services more accessible to a global audience.

    Your advantage with the Valueneers Pack:

    With the Valueneers Pack you take your coaching sessions to a new level. The playful and interactive approach loosens up the atmosphere, promotes open conversations and enables valuable insights to be gained more quickly and deeply. At the same time, you strengthen the bond with your clients by giving them valuable tools that support them outside of your sessions. Whether in one-on-one sessions, working with couples or teams, the Valueneers Pack empowers you to create tailored and impactful experiences that drive real change. Increase your clients' satisfaction and success by helping them achieve their personal and professional goals through the power of their own values.

    Are you ready to revolutionize your coaching practice with the Valueneers Pack?

    Integrate the Valueneers Pack into your offering now and set a new standard in values-based development.

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