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The most VALUABLE study in Germany // Print Magazine

The most VALUABLE study in Germany // Print Magazine

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These are the values ​​of our nation! Discover what really moves us: "The most VALUABLE study in Germany" - a map to our hearts and desires plus a self-test.

At a time when the world is moving faster than ever before, this representative study offers a rare insight into the pillars that hold our society together. This comprehensive study not only highlights the personal and business values ​​that are most important to the citizens of Germany, but also enables you to discover and reflect on your own values ​​through a specially developed values ​​test. This guide is indispensable for anyone who wants to understand how Germany's value landscape is shaped and how their own values ​​fit into this picture.

What awaits you?

In-depth analysis and insights: Learn why health, family and justice are the top priorities of Germans and how these values ​​differ across different age groups and genders.
A look behind the scenes: Discover the subtle differences between personal and societal values ​​and how they influence daily life, decisions and overall well-being.
Exclusive Values ​​Test: Take our values ​​test to help you identify your own values. This tool offers you the opportunity to understand your personal priorities and see how they fit into the context of Germany's social values.
Strategic impulses: This study offers valuable insights for companies and organizations to effectively align strategies and cultures with the core values ​​of their target groups.

This study was only made possible through close collaboration with great people and companies

  • I would like to thank Jonathan Kurfess and Constanze Schumann-Plekat von Appinio for setting up and carrying out this representative study, which was particularly technically demanding.
  • Prof. Erb and Alina Tilner from the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg, who carried out a comprehensive analysis of the data.
  • Jeanette Okwu from Beyond Influence provided me with excellent support with her valuable marketing knowledge.
  • The BIZZHeroes support entrepreneurs in bringing their personal values ​​and those of their employees into the company and acting accordingly.
  • Thanks also to Jule Bolzenius from the Trailblazers , who supported me with the initial concepts and approaches to this first values ​​magazine.

Take the first step!

Whether you want to understand deep social trends, refine your entrepreneurial strategies, discover your own values ​​or simply gain a fascinating insight into the values ​​that shape Germany today - this study is your key. Download your copy or order the printed edition now and begin your journey to deeper understanding, personal reflection and strategic foresight.

Who is this study for?

For all humans

Anyone who is interested in social trends and values ​​in Germany.
Benefit : A deeper understanding of one's society and the people who shape it. This study offers exciting insights into what holds us together as a community and shapes us - ideal for anyone who wants to think outside the box.

Editors & journalists

Media professionals who are looking for deep topics and stories that reflect and enrich current events.
Benefits : A well-founded source for articles and reports about the values ​​of the German population. The study not only offers fresh perspectives and discussion material for social debates, but also a solid database for background stories, features and comments. Ideal for anyone who wants to captivate their readers, listeners or viewers with relevant insights and in-depth analysis.

Marketing & media professionals

Experts in advertising, PR and communications who create brand messages that resonate and convince.
Benefits : Insights into the values ​​of Germans, which make it possible to design campaigns and messages in a targeted and value-oriented manner. The study provides a valuable basis for understanding which values ​​should be addressed in communication in order to build a deep and lasting connection with the audience. Ideal for anyone who wants to develop authentic and effective strategies in their work that not only sell, but also convey and strengthen values.

Managers & decision makers

Managers, entrepreneurs and executives who want to lead their teams and companies successfully into the future.
Benefits : Valuable insights into how values ​​influence the world of work and how a values-based leadership concept can improve employee motivation, customer loyalty and the working atmosphere. An indispensable tool for making your corporate culture future-oriented and people-centered.

Trainers, coaches, mentors

People who support other people in their search for personal growth and a fulfilling life
Benefits : The exclusive values ​​test is a reflection of your own values ​​and offers the opportunity for self-reflection. Discover which values ​​guide you and receive suggestions on how you can better align your life and your decisions with these values. Perfect for anyone who wants to understand themselves better and live an authentic life.

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Customer Reviews

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Mads M.
Wichtige Studie!

Wer seine Kommunikation und sein Unternehmen auf Zukunftskurs bringen will, muss die Studie haben!

Your values ​​as a poster!